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The diagram view here is highly-schematic; the generic term "improvement project" is meant to cover anything from a small-scale improvement of a specific process to an enterprise wide business transformation. It may include a specific goal of improving your organization's process maturity or be focused on establishing an enterprise architecture. It might involve specific methodologies like Lean or Six Sigma, be focused on human performance, or be about establishing a robust "architecture" that uses industry framework such as the APQC Process Classification Framework or TOGAF.

In any scenario, the high-level activities shown here are recurring patterns; for example:

Process or Enterprise Architecture

Any organization project often involves "modelling" the "organization in focus". Whether this is a basic process mapping exercise using entry-level tools like Visio or a full-scale rigorous architecture exercise using repository-based modelling tools, there will be a need for some way of "discovering" and documenting the business organization and its dynamics.


This covers various dimensions:

This knowledge, of course, has to be managed.

Centre of Excellence

This is a generic term for in-house expertise. Often, such teams are instrumental in developing an organization's "process maturity level". What it covers depends on internal organization of your own company and the objectives you are trying to set out. However, a useful starting point for centres of excellence and process maturity are these articles:

These articles, along a library of other useful materials, can be found in the publications indexDomain Concepts