Principle: Relationships before Things

  • Description
  • Diagram Context
  • <b>Statement </b><br/>Focus on how the different components of an organization (or system) interact – e.g. dependency, causality, impact, hierarchy.<br/><b>Impacts on Modeling</b><br/><ul>
    <li>The meta-model is fundamental for defining how these relationships work and for what purpose</li><li>Relationships must be creatable and maintainable in batch</li><li>Use the concept of “reason for involvement” to describe how two things interact (e.g. RACI, CRUD)</li></ul>
    <li>Relationships must be reportable</li><li>Relationships must be navigable in web-based outputs</li></ul>
    <b>Wider Business Impacts</b><br/><ul>
    <li>Basis for impact analysis, dependencies, and traceability</li><li>Basis for analytics (e.g. metadata counts)</li></ul><p/>