Principle: Model Data must be usable in other business contexts

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  • <b>Statement</b><br/>A model is a database; for many users, they do not care what that database technology is nor how it is structured, and almost certainly are not interested in using the tool or technology itself. <br/><b>Impacts for Modeling</b><br/><ul>
    <li>Always think: what makes for useful and usable artefacts?</li><li>These must include and wide variety of report formats (e.g. Excel extracts, Word reports, and web sites, which can be used in the user's own domain and to support their tasks</li></ul>
    <b>Wider Business Impacts</b><br/>Enables real-world business actions in a way that aligns with how people really work. Whether you like it or not, the reports you produce are no longer "yours": users will use them for many different things in the course of their day jobs. This should be actively supported, not stymied with references to ideology or aspirations (like "digital transformation").<br/><br/>