Principle: Data before Diagrams

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  • Diagram Context
  • <b>Statement</b><br/>Diagrams visualize data; it follows, therefore, that the data comes first. <br/><b>Impacts on Modeling </b><br/>Diagrams must be consistent and adhere to diagramming standards (whether methodological like BPMN or using bespoke conventions); they must also be aesthetically pleasing and readable. However, what makes a model more than a picture is the data underlying these diagrams, and the business information that the model produces is more likely to have its value in this data.<br/><b>Wider Business Impacts</b><br/>Basic data management should be seen as a core competency for everyone - e.g. <br/><ul>
    <li>How to use Excel correctly (e.g. one piece of data in a cell)</li><li>Importance of data consistency</li><li>Need to avoid multiple and duplicate sets of data</li></ul>