Principle: Continuously develop the modeling capability

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  • <b>Statement</b><br/>A model, and the modeling process, might (perhaps should) start with modest, realizable objectives, using few staff and a limited sub-set of the tool's capabilities. This should always be extended and/or enriched so that the modeling team builds up a reserve or bank of capabilities that allows the team to react to new and novel requests..<br/><b>Impacts on Modeling </b><br/>Explore and master the tool's complete set of functionality. Keep it up-to-date and apply new functionality. Experiment with how this functionality can add value - do not wait for lagging requirements. Present new ideas, new ways of using the information<br/><b>Wider Business Impacts</b><br/>Make the tool - or rather, the information potential within it - a genuine business asset that can contribute to decisions and the inevitable need to navigate problems. In other words, make the tool be a contributor to business resilience.<br/><br/>