Service Model Review & Optimisation

Service Model Review & Optimisation


Many users of Casewise Modeler end up with models that don't quite seem to work. This can be because of ineffective training, or users moving on, lack of design consistency, misuse of repository features, and experimental or unfinished work that is left hanging around making the data set feel messy.
Sometimes a client will have a specific area they want to review; other clients might just want a general "health check".

The nature of the Model Review thus depends on what the client is looking for - e.g. diagram look and feel, modeling standards, meta-model design, data redundancy and duplication.

Any subsequent "optimization" equally is client dependent. This might mean simple tweaks such changing the colour scheme of diagrams through to merging separate models, to a fundamental redesign and rethinking of the model's structure.

The associated document (see below) is a sample set of review questions (which itself was produced with Casewise Modeler and Communicator for Word).

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