Service Project Initiation & Proof of Concept

Service Project Initiation & Proof of Concept


A Proof of Concept can be highly specific, e.g. prove that Casewise can achieve some modeling objective, or more general aiming to see what the overall capabilities are and how they hang together. The latter would include:

- A meta-model
- Diagram templates
- Basic Modeling standards
- A series of different types of diagrams at different levels of detail (multi-level model)
- Object properties and data (even if that data had to be made up)
- Published output
- Sample reports

The Recruitment demo below started life as one such Proof of Concept, while this web site itself is essentially a demonstration of the concept of using Casewise Modeler to produce a multi-faceted knowledge base. The example meta-model is in fact the meta-model for this web site (which was produced from a Casewise Model).

As it is a model, there is scope for it being customized for your own knowledge management needs.

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