Modeling Activity Capture, Classify, and Upload data

Modeling Activity Capture, Classify, and Upload data


Casewise Modeler is a repository-based modelling tool. This means that all data and diagrams are stored in an underlying database. The objects on the diagram - the "data" - is independent of that diagram. This means that it is often better to think "data before diagrams", i.e. create the data first and then, only later on, visualize that data on diagrams as specific views.

You can create objects manually in Model Explorer. Far better, however, is to collect and collate that data (so it matches your underlying meta-model) into an Excel file and import (or load) it using Auto Modeler.

Capabilities (that this Activity helps deliver)

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Concepts (Key Casewise Concepts)

  • Data before Diagramming
  • Information Architecture or Business Taxonomy
  • Model Content (or Data)
  • Modeling Standards & Naming Conventions
  • Object Instances
  • Object Properties: HTML or raw Text
  • Object Uniqueness and Object Reuse
  • Object, Property, and Association Types
  • Repository or Model
  • Using HTML In multi-line text fields


Software Capabilities \ Components (used for this Activity Area)

  • Auto Modeler: Upload
  • Model Explorer: Object View


Guideliness & Checks (Summary)

  • Unload/Upload round-trip cycle: the basic things to be aware
  • Uploading data from Word: beware of how multi-line text is uploaded
  • Uploading data: associations between the same object type: ensure you have the correct column headings (association direction)
  • Uploading data: be careful about creating unwanted new objects via associations
  • Uploading data: check column headings
  • Uploading data: check for data inconsistencies before uploading
  • Uploading data: do a sample check after uploading
  • Uploading data: if matching by ID, make sure you choose the correct option
  • Uploading data: if the Upload audit report appears, always review it
  • Uploading data: if you upoad UUIDs, it always matches by UUID with no warning
  • Uploading data: if your spreadsheet uses formauls, only the value is uploaded
  • Uploading data: use the {empty} tag to delete properties and associations
  • Uploading data: you cannot load data into a model for which you do not have Write access rights



Documents (that describe in more detail components of this activity)